E.T. Landings

E.T. Landings - 2015-2017 : on going project

Some debris of unidentified flying vehicles are discovered in the midst of a wasteland, in a corn field, near an old isolated New Mexico ranch house or along a country road in the Alpes de Haute-Provence.

Brainwashing, collective delusion or reality ?

Hypothetical lights or weird glimmers sometimes make the night sky liven up and the rumor keeps running.

New events are reported again and again in the « miscellaneous » and landings keeps increasing.

Science fiction does not shrink from heresy but remains under the yoke of the conspiracy theory.

Reality merges into fiction and the X-files’ everlasting statement is still relevant today : the truth lies elsewhere.

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E.T. Landings project was selected by the Contemporary Art Magazine Art Habens for the 2015 open call. If want to know more about it, you may wish to read the interview : Read more